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Behind the Cover Art

Featured: Samantha Chinomona and Isabelle Molinari


March 2020 took the world aback. This year, as we near the one year mark, we are not where we thought we would be either. Everyone had hoped this nightmare would be over and life would be normal again. While the vaccinations available offer hope, it feels like we are getting knocked down again with new strains. But this year, we are more ready. We know how Teams and Zoom work, we have discovered new technologies and capabilities we didn’t know existed, and we are less afraid to try and return to some normalcy, even in an online setting. We may fear that returning to a theatre, a stage, or a museum is far from likely in the near future, but we must look at it as an opportunity to take our new skills and use the creativity characteristic of the arts to create new works, try new things, and take more risks (artistically!). The Calliope team is excited to bring you a new year, full of art content, and hopefully, in the not-so distant future, stand side-by-side with you in the arts world again.


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