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Behind the Cover Art

Featured: Charlotte Silverman


I spend my summers in New York City with my film camera, capturing the never-ending beauty of the buildings and the people. Each day I walk past the Aids Memorial across from St Vincent’s Hospital in the West Village with my camera in hand. Sometimes I walk through the memorial looking at the names and the architecture, but mostly I just pass through on my way home and to the subway, as do many others. This memorial honors the many people who died from the AIDS epidemic and commemorates and celebrates the efforts of the caregivers and activists. Passing through the memorial in August this summer felt very different and more meaningful than usual. I can only imagine what memorials will be put up to honor those who have been affected by coronavirus and all the front-line workers. In a city that was hit hard by the pandemic and has been deserted by many, the streets emptier and stores closed down, the memorial feels more sacred. Those New Yorkers who remain in the city and those few scattered in the park next to the memorial are all part of a collective community who have faith and love for their city. I love this photo because of how it captures this love, the clear blue sky, and warmth, as well as the amazing architecture of the memorial.


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